It's the World That Looses Out

by Andrew Howell

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The silent river makes its way
To another pointless time of day.
Your hopes drift off in different streams
Stuck in mud and you cant retrieve.
Watch them drifting out to sea
Send out the boats catch the ones that float
And bring them home for tea
Serve them hot lets look and see
I used to recall these negative themes
So I never did anything

And its the world that looses out
Its the world that looses out
When we don't do everything we could
When we don't love everyone we should.

You've got the chance to do some good
So what you gonna say
When people judge the world you paint
With every thing you say.
Rest assured your sure to find
A better way to speak your mind
Than to bring the whole world down
We know its not perfect
But its all we've got right now
Spare a thought for something good
Don't focus on the bad.

And its the world that looses out
When all we do is scream and shout
When we don't say all the things we could
When we don't love everyone we should.

What about?
The sun that's shinning in the blue sky
The children playing in the rain
The mountains and the fields
And the Mona Lisa
And the beauty of a snowy day
The stars that light up the night sky
The beauty of a sun kissed moon
It may have a dark side but try to see the bright side
When you tell a tale or two





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